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Q: When will my students be loaded in my class?
A: Enrolled students are uploaded into Distance Education classes one to two days prior to the start date of the class. Students are not able to access the class before the first day of the class.

Q: How will students access my Bb 9.1 class?
A: Students will still access from the "Login to Blackboard" link, located on the Open Campus homepage.

Q: A student just added my class, when will they be able to access my class in Blackboard / When should I see them in my Bb class?
A: Students that add a Bb class and are listed in your Web Advisor roster will be uploaded into Bb within one business day.

Q: How can I find out if I am using a supported browser for Bb 9.1?
A: Browsers supported in our current version & service pack of Blackboard are listed at

Q: How can I view my course as a student? Is there a "demo" student available for instructors?
A:Yes. One option is to turn the "Edit Mode" off. Near the top-right of the course page, locate the text "Edit Mode is", click the "ON/OFF" button. When set to "OFF", you can "quick-view" items from a student perspective. (NOTE: Be sure to turn the edit mode back ON, otherwise you will not be able to edit content!
Alternately, a “demo” student account can be created for an instructor which allows you to login to your Bb classes as if you are a student.¬† Information about how to do this is available under the RESOURCES tab on the FACULTY OC website.

Q: How can my students or I get help?
A: There is 24/7 support available by calling 1-866-259-7271. Additionally, the help link (located near the top-center after logging into Bb) and the Online Support Center link (on the main Bb login entry page) is directed to: .
Instructors can submit the appropriate form on the Distance Education Faculty page, contact the support number above, view the information and tutorials under the FACULTY RESOURCES tab.

Q: What is the Open Campus Instructor Resources course I see listed under my course listings?
A: We have included many resources that include nearly 100 tutorials (video and pdf) for Blackboard 9.1 within the Distance Education Instructor Resources shell. Here is an overview of available topics (pdf file): You will also find a link within the shell to even more tutorials at
Other resources within the shell include links to report software bugs, provide product enhancements and suggestions to Blackboard. 
Additionally, there are links to Online Blackboard Academy "refreshers", as well as software such as Respondus and Studymate.

Q:How can I get more help with Blackboard?
A: Instructors can find help in the Distance Education Instructor Resources shell, by contacting Derek Moore, Vincent Alonzo or a faculty Blackboard mentor.

Q: Where can I find more help for Respondus, Respondus Lockdown Browser & Turnitin?
A: For Respondus, Respondus Lockdown Browser & Studymate visit
For Turnitin visit

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