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Jose Duran Windows 7: Hidden Features: Problem Steps Recorder
When you need outside PC help, it's much better to let them see
for themselves what's happening on your system. But if remote access isn't an option,
the Problem Steps Recorder may be the next best thing. Search for and run "psr" from the Start menu. Click Start Record, and the utility will record your activities through a series of screen shots, automatically including captions that show exactly where you clicked. You can also use the Add Comment button to highlight specific areas of the screen and insert custom annotations. When you stop recording, everything will be stitched together and saved as a Web browser-compatible MHTML (MIME HTML) file, conveniently pre-ZIPped and ready for e-mailing to your geek of choice. - source PCMag.com. - Submitted by Jose Duran.

dorothy GaylorUsing Retentions in Blackboard
Go to the upper right-hand corner where your name is displayed, and click on the arrow, where you will see the OPEN GLOBAL NAVIGATION MENU tag, there is a drop-down menu and various choices are displayed. On the left, however, there are alerts, and one of them is the Retention Center. If you click on this, you will see which of your students are at risk. The RETENTION CENTER lists your courses, and for each course there is a RISK BREAKDOWN (information about missed deadlines, activity, and access). It is easy to click on any of the subtitles, and discover who is not doing what they should be doing. It is possible to click on SEE MORE DETAILS, which provides a list of students, and it is even possible to email each student with a warning (it is possible to monitor, or to notify, the student). - Submitted by Dorothy Gaylor.

Cathy BrothertonLearning Modules – How to use them to organize assignments.
I find that when I create assignments in Blackboard that they look disorganized. I think this because the assignments show the instructions right below the name and it looks disorganized. I like students to see all the assignments at a glance, even those that are not yet due. I know that some teachers only release one assignment at a time but I feel the students benefit from seeing all of them. Here is a picture that illustrates what my assignments look like when first opened. You can use this method and still restrict what assignments are open within the learning module. When each Learning Module is clicked on the students will see the directions outlined and can submit their assignments there.

Steps to Create Learning Module for Assignments:

  1. From the Build Content tab choose Learning Module.
    • Type the name for this assignment.
    • Add a description if desired, and any option you choose. I don't set a date restriction here. I will do this in the actual assignment next.
  2. Now under Assessments tab select Assignment.
    • Now add the Title, Instructions, Files, Points and Availability details.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each assignment.
  4. Here is a link to the video Blackboard has for adding to Learning Module and adding pieces to it adding pieces to it http://ondemand.blackboard.com/r91/movies/bb91_course_content_building_learning_module.htm
    Just as a note, I also use Learning Modules to present my work each week. In this situation I have each tasks required for the week in a table of content.

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