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Request to teach in Canvas / class content copy form:

If you have successfully completed the Online Canvas Academy, Professional Pilot, or have a Certificate of training in Canvas from another institution, you can use this form to inform the Distance Education department that you are requesting to teach in Canvas.

This form is also used to request class content to be copied FROM a previous, current/development class TO current/future class,or if your request will simply include a blank Canvas shell.
Please note: to ensure that students are populated in Web Enhanced Canvas courses, the Bb opt-in is still required even though the course will be taught in Canvas.

**IMPORTANT** Please review the "Opt-In" instructions for Web Enhanced classes.

Be sure to enter your correct Web Advisor/RCCD ID 7 digits WebAdvisor Field above, or the form will be returned with a request for the correct information.

NOTE: Browser add on auto-form fillers will block the input information and we will not receive your form!

Please select whether the request to teach in Canvas will include content to be copied FROM an existing Canvas class ("Live"/Production or Development), or if this is a request to teach in Canvas using a new blank shell:

**NOTE** For course merges/combine sections requests you must still use the Canvas Class Merge form!
Please enter COMPLETE information (i.e. 5 Digit course codes,Subject,Term, etc.) to help expedite your request:

Class with Content (copy FROM this class) Class to be Taught (copy TO this class)
Enter Term and Section Number
Development Class name to copy content FROM.
Enter "none" to start from scratch
Enter current or future Term
and Section Number of class to copy content TO.

DEV CIS-1A 8 Week HYB jane.doe Created 08.30.17

DEV SPA-1 8 Week HYB john.doe Created 08.30.17

Did you remember to include 5 Digit course/section numbers & term information?