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This form is for the IDS to request a survey and observer

The IDS should be the main point of contact to avoid confusion and to help streamline the process.
Please take a moment to review the form. Instructions provided below.

In conjunction with correctly filling out the form, here are the “rules of the road” to help complete the process in a timely fashion:

  1. Please fill out ONE survey request form per section.
  2. Select one of the survey types below, or your department can provide an alternate survey.
    • If the survey request is for one of the surveys listed below, it will take 3-5 working days to place it.
    • If requesting a survey other than a survey listed below, please allow at least 5 working days to create and place the survey in the Blackboard class. E-mail the survey (Microsoft Word format) to “ochelp”.
  3. Once the survey has been placed, the instructor and requestor will receive an email with a copy of the submitted form and detailed instructions regarding further setup.
  4. The instructor is responsible for ensuring that the students take the survey!
    • Detailed instructions will be emailed regarding the survey settings and survey availability for the instructor.
  5. Observers will generally be enrolled by the instructor.
    • Observers are enrolled by using their Blackboard development username. Please indicate the observer's name in the field below. This will help us to to verify there is an account in the system for the observer. If the obsever does not have a Blackboard username, one can be requested using this same form and selecting "Request Observer user ID".
    • Detailed instructions will be emailed regarding the enrolling an observer for the instructor.
  6. Please request results within 3-5 working days following the last day the survey is to be completed.




Please select the category that best describes the nature of your help request:

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(View F-2-F Survey)
(Please provide their name in field above)